Naomi Rock


Denver is blown away by the sun’s effects on the earth! He begins to ponder what it would be like to have the same power. After boldly approaching the sun, he asks if he can become like it, and immediately receives a gift. Disappointingly, things don’t go quite as he anticipated, until one moment of revelation changes the game!

Becoming A Sun follows Denver’s journey of self discovery and understanding how to walk in his true identity.

“This is the type of book I wish I could make required reading for every child. In an age where Identity can be such a tarnished and skewed concept, Naomi has cut through the noise with this creative masterpiece. I pray this book ministers to the hearts of countless children and adults alike, and that all are deeply moved by the simple reality of who we can be on the earth as ‘suns’. May we discover, just as Denver did, that we really can be the things we dream of being, and cast light into darkness until there is no more.”

– Mark Greenwood, author of ‘Awake to righteousness’ and founder of ‘The Academy’.

“Throw off the old, embrace the new.”